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I love to see that the customers are enjoying eating yakiniku at KINTAN.
There are many business workers who come to enjoy at our restaurant at lunch time.
I was told by a lady who works near our restaurant that she feels hugely cheered up by the experience at our restaurant,
cost performance is good and she never had to worry of smell from grilling yakiniku.
Her words made me blessed myself.
The other day, I was told very kind words by a couple who lives near our restaurant and visit us every weekend.
They asked me "Is it really ok for you to provide lunch at these prices? Doesn’t it lead you to close the restaurant?"
I am really thankful and happy of that we receive the same good reputation from customers in Ebisu, Roppongi and Omotesando, too.
However we are imperfect human.
We have also made customers disappointed on the other hand.
We make a big effort to provide happy and valuable experiences to customers everyday.
Our vision "to be the most beloved restaurant in a town" means to provide the experience
of extraordinary happiness and affluence to the people
in restaurant's located town through "yakiniku", "KINTAN's space" and "service".
We KINTAN value "special", "authentic"
and "cost-performance "and continually provide them
to the customers even if the trend changes in generations.
Carnevale is still a small company at this moment, but
we wish to contribute to the society by making people who come to our restaurant happy,
Please warmly watch over the growth of us.


Born in Tokyo in 1976.
Worked at a clothing company. Left them and started working at major chain of food and service industry
Worked as a consultant for chain stores, as a manager of captive store, worked for development of menu and marketing for each brand for seven years. Took a post of an executive officer.
Left them and established own business in Mar. 2013.

Established Carnevale Co., Ltd. with its brand's concept "Rich and Casual yakiniku restaurant".

His motto is "Keep bearing and making an effort." Loves joining full marathon!
(His personal best is 3 hours 8 minutes 47 seconds as of 2015!)


"Good for company, for customers and for community (Win-Win-Win)"
is the management philosophy of Omi merchants* that I believe the most as a business manager.
*Merchants from Omi, the old country that used to exist around Shiga prefecture.
They are one of the three best merchants in the history of Japan.)
We run the business not only for a company and employees but also for customer's
satisfaction with the valuable experience we provided from the bottom of their heart.

Not only that, we contribute to the development of local community
"Good for employees, for customers and for clients".
This is my Win-Win-Win ideal.
What can we do for realizing "Win-Win-Win" philosophy for all people who are involved in this business then?
Easy to say good for everyone, but it is really difficult to satisfy people.
For one's satisfaction, we think of that person first and pay "respect" to him/her.
We can build a relationship only after paying respect to the other party.
We finally win the "trust" by treating the other party with respect.
It grows to a strong "tie" by building a long -last relationship on the trust.
We Carnevale hold out "Respect, Trust and Ties",
becomes a company to realize "Win-Win-Win" for employees,
customers and clients and contribute to the society of Japan.


Today, we operate 18 restaurants in Tokyo. Kintan is a dynamic concept of Japanese style BBQ, shabu-shabu, beef sushi, Japanese sushi and Steakhouse, all revolving around super premium wagyu. Our design concept for each location including layout, interior, logo is based on our careful study of the surroundings, so that what we can create fits in the area well.

We are working towards opening 3 new locations with the goal “to create the most loved local restaurants” this year. We are also gearing up for expansion throughout Tokyo and overseas after 2020.

We are looking for spaces over 2000sqft(180㎡) for commercial real estate lease for restaurants.
Please contact: