ITEMS|Carnevale Co., Ltd. runs the restaurant business of Yakiniku KINTAN and others.

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The real attractiveness of restaurant that you cannot find in website or word of mouth.

We value items that customers use, see and feel
because we want customers to understand us by experiencing them.

We are also concerned with the use of design of restaurant and lighting
because we want customers to fully enjoy the atmosphere of KINTAN itself.

Our persistence to items used in restaurant.

During the time that customers experience at our restaurant,
they actually spend more time with seeing menu than time of talking with staffs.

So we think of that menu is one of the most important service along with other services.
Leaflet that customers take home is also what we concerned as the important item.

There is a great designer who boosts up our persistence
Hiroto Nagai is the one who designed all items KINTAN uses.

Please click the URL and see his wonderful pieces of work!!